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Fatima's Nest Tofo

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Tel. +258 821851575 

Fax: + 258 21724265

Email: fatimas@tvcabo.co.mz

We do pick up's from Inhambane airport only if staying!


Pre-erected Maru-tents, Private Bungalows, Bungalows dorms built on the sand dunes, and a fully equipped campsite with a lapa and a braai area where you can prepare your food. Crockery, cutlery etc. can be obtained at the bar for some deposit of money! Freezer/ Fridge facilities are available for sharing with other guests! Basic necessities as bread, milk, sugar, veggies & fruit (limited), cold drinks etc. can be purchase on the local market. For more variety you will have to go to Inhambane Market.

Besides our Restaurants there is also other ones that are just +- 100m from our place! Our facilities are made of local material in our traditional way. They all have fan, linen and mosquito nets. Click Here For Prices!

Free pick-ups: Email or phone us. If coming by car, just follow our signs in Tofo.

BarWpeople beachview


We have an amazing campsite built right on the top of the sand dunes, with spectacular sunset on a palm tree fringed lagoon and the sunrise over the blue azure of the Indian Ocean; snorkeling at low tide while your friend is having a cold 2M beer in the beach bar watching you. Enjoy our Dinner Buffet with lots of seafood and vegetarian traditional dish around the fire under the stars. Try Mathapa, its deeelish.

Internet Café just around the corner. Go for a walk around the village and enjoy the local market with small stands where you can get to know the locals and have some fun drinking the local "Sura", a palm juice in the first hours that becomes "Fire Water" later in the evening. The craft market that is in a ruin in the beachfront. Enjoy the beautiful walk to the Lighthouse, the Monument and lots of others.

Looking for a place where civilization is definitely overrated - well this place helps everyone understand the Tofo vibe. If one is looking for a tropical beach paradise with coconuts swelling, white sands and fantastic surf, this is the place. This is a place where days are lost - lots of life giving travel tips and water activities: unbelievable scuba dive, great snorkeling, surfing and ocean safari.
gunrunlounge sufer kitchen

Pre-erected Maru-tents, Private Casitas, Casitas dorms built on the sand dunes, and a fully equipped campsite. Food is a device as the view across the bay, the price to go it as sweet to you ears as the lapping surf of the waves.

If you are looking for a soft spot in your heart find your way to Fatima's Nest and leave a piece of your heart with the Nest. Tofo breeze, great crew, fab touch, bead fires, early morning dips in the ocean, chilling on the beach, lying in the hammocks, pool table, table tennis, darts, trampoline, they all make you love each and every minute of your stay.

Nothing beats Natural - don't forget to try our Cocktail "Coconut Beach Dream" before heating the sac.